Tesis doctorales


Microbial desalination cells for fresh water production: towards the implementation of sustainable desalination technology
Marina Ramírez Moreno. Marzo 2024 | Directores: Dr Juan Manuel Ortiz Díaz-Guerra y Dr Abraham Esteve-Núñez


Microbial electrochemical strategies for monitoring and remediating organic pollution in groundwater and sediments.
Andrés de Deus Villagra. Julio 2023 | Director: Dr Abraham Esteve Núñez

Electromicrobial strategies for a sustainable growth of purple phototrophic bacteria.
Carlos Manchón Vállegas.  Abril 2023 | Director: Dr Abraham Esteve Núñez

Removal of emerging contaminants from wastewater by bioelectrochemical systems. 
Álvaro Pun García. Marzo 2023 | Directores: Abraham Esteve Núñez y Ana Karina Boltes Espínola


Validating Full Scale Metland Solutions for Decentralized Sustainable Wastewater Treatment: Techno-environmental and Geospatial Analysis
Lorena Peñacoba Antona. Noviembre 2021 | Director: Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez. Codirector: Prof. Eloy García Calvo.

Exploring Metland Technology: Treating Wastewater By Integrating Electromicrobiology Into Nature-based Solution

Amanda Prado de Nicolás. Septiembre 2021 | Director: Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez 


Integrating Microbial Electrochemical Systems in Constructed Wetlands, a New Paradigm for Treating Wastewater in Small Communities.
Arantxa Aguirre Sierra. Septiembre 2017 | Directores: Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez y Dr. Juan José Salas Rodríguez

Bioelectroventing: cleaning-up polluted sites using electrodes to stimulate microbial remediation activities.
Jose Rodrigo Quejigo. Abril 2017 | Director: Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez


Merging microbial electrochemical systems with conventional reactor designs for treating wastewater.
Sara Tejedor Sanz Diciembre 2016 | Director: Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez

Bioelectrochemically-assisted remediation: a novel strategy for cleaning-up polluted soils.
Ainara Domínguez Garay. Junio 2016 | Director: Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez

Physiological and operation strategies for optimizing Geobacter-based electrochemical systems.
Zulema Borjas Hernández. Junio 2016 | Director: Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez

Novel bioelectrochemical approaches for exploring extracellular electron transfer in Geobacter sulfurreducens.
Marta Estévez Canales. Mayo 2016 | Director: Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez